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  • When it comes to style, quality, and sustainability in fashion, we strive towards crafting perfection. Redefining clothing, we are here to bridge the gap between niche quality garments and mass volume fast fashion.

    Welcome to K.M Knitwear, one of India's leading fully vertical clothing manufacturers. With a strong - fiber to fabric manufacturing capability, we are a textile powerhouse with state of the art modern and innovative infrastructure. Offering end to end solutions, we are adept at converting yarn into a fashion statement that speaks for itself. What began as a small garment manufacturing unit in the year 1993, today is a leading name within the textile industry across the globe. Home to an all encomposed and fully integrated textile solution, that includes spinning, knitting, dyeing, compacting, washing, printing, embroidery, garment production and a corrugated box manufacturing unit, we are proud to say that we craft dreams in the form of clothing that caters to all age groups across india and abroad.

    Our workmanship is biased towards adopting a customer centric approach. Thus, we leave no stone unturned in adopting measures that ensure that we create industry standard benchmarks. With some of the world’s most advanced machinery and techniques, we manufacture garments based on the foundation of customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

  • Having founded the KM Group of companies over 25 years ago, what we have today is an environmentally friendly fully vertical conglomerate, spread across over 18 facilities across the group from spinning mills to captive solar plants.

    We are committed towards developing, not only niche quality products that customers are looking for, but also in continuing to build a future ready company that our customers take pride in being associated with for the long term. If a quality conscious and a committed vendor partner is your benchmark, then look no further, because — with the KM group of companies I believe your search ends here.

  • KM Subramanian
    Founder & Chairman
  • Vishnu Prabu KS
    Joint Managing Director
  • Karthic Prabu KS
    Executive Director

Our Infrastructure

  • Spinning

    Our spinning division is an example of innovative infrastructure and a seamless production process, we manufacture error free and the cleanest yarn possible with a production capacity of over 60 tons/day. We are home to an unmatched production quality that supersedes any other within the industry and is endorsed with relevant certifications. From the journey of cotton mixing to error free yarn, we deploy consistent quality measures throughout our production process to deliver a finished product that constantly strives for perfection.

    Where Cotton Turns Into Yarn

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  • Knitting

    The yarn is then transformed to fabric in our knitting division that personifies technological advancement and boasts of a manufacturing capacity of over 12 tons a day. With in house machinery that defines innovation and quality production, one can knit finishes such as Rib, Jersey, Airtex, Honeycomb, Lycra Jersey, Fleece, and Mini Jacquards in any form or structure.

    Converting Yarn Into A Multitude of Fabrics

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  • Dyeing

    Our Dyeing plant, Jeyavishnu Clothing Pvt. Ltd, processes over 50 tons of knitted fabrics per day. Using the world’s best soft flow and airflow technology, we treat fabrics with a temperature controlled dyeing system that enables dipping and dousing in a plethora of color choices. Our modern computerized lab with data colour matching is at par with top accredited labs across the globe. It ensures uniform colour accuracy by qualified and experienced chemists.

    Adding Colour To Every Weave

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  • Cutting

    A symphony of machine automation and manual expertise, our cutting department adds speed and volume to our production process. Our cutting edge auto cutters and other equipment enables a production capacity of over 4 million units for both inner and outerwear garments per month.

    Ensuring Every Inch Counts

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  • Printing

    Giving the garments a fun respite, our printing unit adds glamour through unique visuals imprinted on the garments. With a diverse range of 1 to 20 color printing capability, and a production capacity of over 50,000 pieces per day, our printing machines range from automated MHM placement printing and Oval printing machines. We also house two Stormac All over printing machines that has a capacity of 15 tons per day.

    Where Value Added Design Come's Alive

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  • Embroidery

    With constant upgradation of our machinery in respect to value addition, we take pride in being among the first to offer the latest trends that are unique and one of its kind. Our embroidery unit is adept with the latest design automation that can add appealing visuals to the finished product. With our own punching designing, appliqué cutting and roll fusing units, that have a capacity of 1 0 million stitches a day, we have the latest technology that is regularly upgraded to deliver any kind of design that defines elegance.

    When Millions of Stitches Come Together To Create "Art"

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  • Sewing

    Giving life to our imagination and wings to our aspirations, our sewing facilities is the next step in the process that turns fabric into a multitude of garments with a capacity of 1,00,000 pieces per day. Our product centric and dedicated sewing production lines across our plants turn customer sketches into reality irrespective of size shape or colour. Experienced operators across our factories are specially trained for specific product groups thereby allowing high efficiencies and consistency in every stitch.

    Each Stitch Imparted Through Love and Care

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  • Finishing

    The final phase of the production process is of checking, ironing and packaging to ensure that every garment is in line with our customers vision. An in-depth and in house KM certified and guaranteed final product inspection is carried out by our experienced quality control teams, keeping in mind high levels of globally accepted AQL standards. This is done in-spite of an end-to- end inspection process at every stage of the manufacturing process, this in turn ensures an error-free and contamination free product. The final products are then run through metal detection machines, before they are finally sealed into carton boxes in our special airport packaging metal free zones and are then ready for shipment.

    Your Expectations Are Our Responsibility

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  • Packaging

    In our goal to constantly further consolidate the production process in house and in line with our vision to be a truly fully vertical company, we have our in-house corrugated box manufacturing unit. Equipped with the latest corrugation machines and dye-cut facility, we manufacture 3 tons of superior quality corrugated boxes every day. We strive to get our products at our customers warehouses in the same condition as it leaves our facilities irrespective of the time spent in transit and across global supply chains.

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Our Green Initiatives

  • In line with our goal to be carbon neutral by 2027 across our group, we have made large investments across our Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment plant, as well as in our Solar and Wind projects. As a testament to our commitment to our environmental sustainable goals in 2019, Our Dye house won a Green award, presented by the Government of Tamilnadu given for the first time to a processing plant in the Tirupur region. It is worth mentioning that companies across the state and various industries competed for this prestigious award including fortune 500 firms.

    K.M Knitwear Pvt. Ltd and Jeyavishnu Clothing Pvt. ltd run on a substantial amount of renewable energy via wind and solar power. With windmill energy levels of 13 MW and solar energy of 15 MW, we abide by our pledge towards a consistent and sustainable growth, while being environmentally responsible at the same time. We generate 30 million units of green energy per year with our windmill and solar energy enterprises. One of our major garment production plants is a IGBC accredited green factory, and among a few of the many more environmentally friendly planned projects in the years to come.

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Our Clientele


Our Products

With a vision that every garment is known by the branding "this is a product of K.M. Knitwear", we are committed towards developing products that every customer is looking for. Manufacturing niche quality garments that not only meet but exceed global standards, our vision is to manufacture apparels for every top clothing brand at a global scale. If a quality conscious and a committed vendor partner is your benchmark, then look no further, because - with the KM group of companies your search ends here.


Our company is certified with ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2018, ISO 9001-2015, WRAP, SEDEX, BCI, GOTS, OCS, GRS, HIGG, Oeko-Tex, SWAN, Disney, Lego and a host of other character licence approvals. We constantly update our certifications in line with the industry's latest requirements across our facilities.